Sway on Arch

Sway on Arch

Sway is 100% compatible with i3, aside from several features that only make sense with X11.


sway can be installed with the sway package. In addition swayidle, swaylock, waybar and xorg-server-xwayland should be installed. The three first are components for a good desktop experience where swayidle handles idle management and events. polkit can make configuration with swayidle simpler. swaylock locks the screen, and waybar provides a status bar. xorg-server-xwayland provides support for X applications and should be included for conveniency.

For more functionality install bemenu as a wayland compatible replacement for dmenu, i3status for use in waybar, mako for notifications and termite to use as default terminal in sway.

pacman -S sway swayidle polkit swaylock waybar xorg-server-xwayland bemenu i3status mako termite



For non-US keyboards a keymap is needed. Adding the input below worked for me that are using a Swedish keyboard.

input * {
  xkb_layout se



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